All frames carry a 1 to 2 year warranty against breakage or any defect. Examples of our Frame Product Line carried:

Our basic supplier of lens products is Essillor Optical Canada Ltd.
They are well known for their Varilux Comfort Lens (no-line bifocal) and Crizal Coatings.
Many other manufacturers lenses are dispensed if it is felt they would better suited to the clients visual needs. i.e. Transitions, Corning Optical, Nikon, Zeiss and other suppliers.

There are numerous choices in lens designs and applications that can be made to a finished lens. This might vary from the prescription issued and the best design of the lens for the customers visual requirements. The lens material will define its final thickness, weight and eye safety (impact protection). Numerous other choices are available such as: Tinting, UV protection, scratch resistant coating and lenses that change colour on exposure to the sun.

Every patron of Brook & Braddock will be assisted to be sure they will get the vision their eye-doctor intended them to have and will have eye-wear that meets their personal requirements.

Varilux S

Varilux E